Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CCNA Lab Resources part 1 -

In the past year (4 quarters with Cisco's Network Academy and a few months of self study) I learned all I could about the Cisco CCNA. This entailed lots of lab time on the 1760 router I own, Packet Tracer, and GNS3. I spent a good amount of time searching the web for lab resources and want to share them in a series. I may only write a couple of posts on it, but I wanted to be able to put a collection together.

The first up is's free labs. There is 101 free labs and they are great. Simple instructions, easy to blow through for practice and to get your pace up to exam standards. They are "unanswered" labs (challenge labs I guess they're called) so, once your finished, connectivity will tell you if you've done the lab correctly.

If you need the answers or a walk through for the labs,  you can purchase a book of all 101 labs for $297.00 which includes lab videos and other tid bits (the book alone is $85.11 at amazon). A bit more reasonable, you can also become a platinum member of the site for $30.00 a month and then have access to lab walk throughs. I think the member route is a lot more economically viable and the site offers some nice features like a 30 minute audio cram review, included rack time, a CCNA study book, amongst other things. How to are the folks that put out the site

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