Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CCNA Done.

I finished up the CCNA this past week. After going through the big push over the last 2 months, I felt I was ready and went for it. I found that knowing the material isn't all that is necessary. Time management ( you need to be able to pull off 1 question every 1:15 min.), quick fingers, and fast reading come into play for Cisco certification exams. Interestingly enough I failed my first exam by running out of time. The second exam I finished in about 2/3rds the alloted time. From one extreme to the other.

So, after a days rest I've laid out my Comptia SY0-201 (link) path finishing right before the exam retirement deadline of 20111231. The materials are Darrill Gibson's "Get Certified, Get Ahead SY0-201" linked in my last post, Labsim Testout Security+ (which is why I want to take the SY0-201 and not 301), and the CBT Nuggets Security+ videos. I went ahead and laid out a plan like I did with the CCNA. Here's the madness, although a lot lighter than the CCNA study course.

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