Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Best part of the Bryant Advantage.

I site 4 sources for my studies (sometimes 5). So far. the best quote I've read in Chris Bryant's "The Ultimate CCNA Study Package" is,

"When people are born, they act like they are the center of the universe."

He goes on to explain that this is how switches are when first brought online in a network, but still. I just thought that was too funny. 

The other sources I utilize are as follows;

There are really 3 sides to learning these CCNA topics and it seems no source covers them all. The 3 aspects are:

Protocol Concepts - For example how OSPF works, who becomes the DR and BDR, what the point of the protocol is and what problem it solves, etc.

Protocol Details - Examples include what the costs are for bandwidth in OSPF and EIGRP, what the bridge priority is in STP, converting binary to decimal to hexadecimal, etc.

Protocol Commands - Some examples include the show commands, debug commands, DCHP pool commands, etc.

Each of the present sources I sighted above have 1 or 2 aspects of the above mentioned aspects, but I really dont think one source covers it all or if it does cover it all, it doesn't do a great job of it. Odom's book being the closest. I've been over the Cisco Network Academy textbooks as well. Their labs are fantastic, but the text try far to hard to come across as an easy read, but I think many concepts get lost and the reader walks away feeling that the details were missed. All in all, I think the CCNA candidte is hard pressed to use more than one source.

Wow. All this from Chris Bryant's humor.

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