Thursday, August 9, 2012

Annual hiatus + new job = lack of posts.

Hello World. Hope all is going well.

I've been quite busy as of late. In June I happened upon an opportunity to move to a larger, more fast paced company. I was all set to move companies. Then in mid July I was extended an offer with a rather large fortune 100 to work as a Unix Admin and couldn't pass up the offer. My last few month (and possibly next few) have been consumed with documenting my old position, taking a brief break, and working on my new position. It's all been keeping me very busy.

Classes start at the end of August as well. This includes VMWare's Install, Configure, and Manage, a Security+ course, and a required Nutrition course. I have an extremely full plate as my new position also includes a bit of international travel. What will be nice though is the study time I'll be able to get in while abroad. Still though, a full plate.

My posts will be hit and miss as I pick up the new environment. Though, I hope to pick up again as I get settled.

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