Monday, June 18, 2012

Python and My Summer Schedule

With the RHCSA finished up I am digging in no Python before moving on to the RHCE. Plus, I have a few months before my VMWare ICM (v.5) class, which begins at the end of August.

The first class I'm taking is Zed Shaw's Learn Python The Hard Way. It is essentially a book containing some 50+ exercises for learning Python. I came across the course on Udemy back around the end of 2011 and haven't had a chance to start the class until now. The Udemy course has Q&As with Shaw and videos detailing the exercises in the book. The course starts out very basic using Python 2.x and covering such things as printing text and doing mathematics. Also, the course is setup to be a "learn by doing" course with many items not explained. You are, however, instructed to look these items up and Mr. Shaw seems ready to anser questions at a moments notice. I've given myself about a month to blow through the course and do all the exercises a few times.

SecurityTube Python Scripting Expert from Vivek Ramachandran on Vimeo.

In July I will begin the Securitytube Python Scripting Expert (Spse) Course And Certification which seems to jump into more in depth Python topics with an infosec focus. That should take me through the end of July when I'm tentatively planning to take the SPSE exam.

After that August will have arrived. I'll begin studying for the RHCE exam then and come late August my VMware ICM class will begin. The ICM course is one night, weekly, but I have 2 other courses as well. So,  hopefully I will have some additional time to study for the RHCE durring the initial few months of classes.


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