Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Switching Gears.

I finished a one term class today, 12 weeks early. I planned it that way and with the leap year, I actually finished 1 day early. Ha. The LAMP / Eucalyptus class is still moving along, although we're covering Open Stack and not Eucalyptus anymore.

It seems the professor (A Sr. Systems Engineer at The Aerospace Corp.) was a part of a group who had deployed Eucalyptus and found that when the resources were maxed out, VMs would just get dropped (disappear). Openstack by contrast does not allow new VMs to be deployed once all available resources are spoken for by other VMs. So, we are moving forward with Openstack.

With my (short term) class completed (Linux Administration), it marks a shift in focus to my next certification. Originally, I was thinking that would be the Comptia Security+, but that will be put off till I receive the exam voucher, later this year (no reason to waste money!). Then, I was thinking the ITIL V3 would be good, but now I'm thinking I will move the ITIL to April and work on the Redhat RHCSA in March. I'm pretty enthralled with Linux right now. I'm also reading Classic Shell Scripting: Hidden Commands that Unlock the Power of Unix.
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 So, tonight we (me and the mouse in my pocket) start reading Mich Jang's Red Hat Linux Certification Study Guide, I've laid out the month long schedule for the exam and scheduled it for April 6th. Here's the month's calendar.

I'm looking forward to the next few months with the exams, classes and what not. This is the reason I got into IT in the first place!


  1. I'm happy I stumbeld on this blog.

    I'm in need of a good schedule to get my RHCSA certification.

    And I think yours looks great !
    I saw on your llinkedin that you recieved your RHCSA certification, very nicely done !

    Do you have any suggestion or maybe advise for the RHCSA certification ? What you should have done diffrent if you look back at your schedule.

    Could you send me a mail ?

    Looking forward hearing from you !

  2. Hi Mr.Kim I look your profile and it really good. Most blogger don't put their real picture on profile. But you have picture which is the sign of real authenticity. I also read your post about Switching Gears and it is really good.
    Keep posting please.