Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cisco Career Certification Path

I was snooping about on one of Cisco's pages entitled "Benefits of Hiring Cisco Certified Professionals." I've seen the question of how companys can benifit from hiring Cisco certified individuals before, but have never really come across a definitive "Yes, CCNA / CCNP get discounts on gear" page. That is still the case,

I did however, come across this nice document laying out Cisco Certification Paths (pdf). It's not new news by any means, but it's laid out nicely and is a good at a glance resource.

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    1.0 Operation of IP Data Networks
    2.0 LAN Switching Technologies
    3.0 IP Addressing (IPv4/IPv6)
    4.0 IP Routing Technologies
    5.0 IP Services
    6.0 Network Device Security
    7.0 Troubleshooting
    8.0 WAN Technologies