Thursday, December 22, 2011

CCNA Lab Resources part 2 - Stub Area Networking

In this second post on CCNA lab resources We'll be taking a look at Stub Area Networking. A collection of free labs created by Matthew George CCNP.

Stub Area Networking offers a welth of free labs on CCNA topics beginning with identifying components (which a lot of other sites don't cover) and continuing through to security, routing protocols and what not.  There are over 130 free CCNA labs on this site. The labs are done with GNS3 generally, but can easily be set up with real gear or in a simulator like Cisco's Packet Tracer.

The labs contain a good summary of information about the lab goals, real world application, and command usage. Then a topology of the lab is displayed followed by any prerequisites and then the lab walk-through via GNS3. Generally, the labs are wrapped up wtih and example output of what the configuration should look like. All in all a great site for labs.

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