Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Currently working on the CCNA

For the past year Ive been working on the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification (CCNA). Ive attended and completed the Cisco Networking Academy and am now on to the final months prior to taking the certification exam. This to be the first of many to come or so the plan goes. The best laid plans of Mice and Men, right?

So, this blog is to keep a log of the information I put together as I am not just collecting it from one source. Rather, I often find that answers and information regarding something like questions on the OSPF routing protocol come from many different sources (e.g., Wendel Odom's Official Exam Certification guide,,, Cisco learning net, etc.). So this is where Im compiling them all.  Hopefully it will not only allow me to compile my thoughts and resources, but possibly help others on their journey as well. We shall see.

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